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Our menus are simple & seasonal with a strong focus on using local producers. Nose to tail, minimal waste with a menu that changes daily, based on what is available. 

The majority of our vegetables come from our organic, no-dig garden, which is part of a mixed regenerative farming estate, and all our meat comes from local farmers that share our ethos. 

We serve Lunch from Monday - Sunday, with a reduced menu on Monday's & Tuesday's.
Supper is served on Friday and Saturday. 
Booking is strongly advised.

lunch menu

Bar Snacks

Salt & Pepper Cashews                                                   2

Smoked Almonds                                                            3

Shropshire Bresaola & Cornichons                                6

Grilled Peppers                                                                


Roast Beef & Mustard Bap with Salad                            6.50

Cheese & Chutney Bap with Salad                                  6.50

Light Bites

Beetroot Soup & Créme Fraiche                                      7

Mackerel Paté, Toast & Salad                                           7.50

Shropshire Rarebit & Salad                                             6

Courgette Fritters & Chilli Mayo                                    6.50



Haddock with Trombochino & Saffron Risotto            15.50

Chicken & Mushroom Pie with Buttered Greens          16

Roast Squash, Chard & Petis Gris Greens                      14

Cheese & Bacon Quiche & Salad                                    10


Chips                                                                                 4

Green Salad                                                                       3.50



Iron Bridges Cheese, Sourdough & Plum Chutney        5

Poached Pears                                                                   5.50 

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